• RAF, wall and ceiling integrated engineering
  • Installation of all system of major EU and US suppliers
  • ‘Save the deadline’

Innovative & customised design

The system ceilings used in datacentres carry large numbers of cables and cable trays, and they must be strong enough to support heavy loads. On top of that they need to comply with statutory requirements for fire safety and airborne sound insulation. The ceilings need to be airtight and dustproof as well. Not only do we address all these issues, we also take care that ceilings are sustainable (minimum material) and they can accommodate intelligent lightning. Maasdam can guide you through the relevant requirements and then design and install your ceiling.

Accelerated Installation & Troubleshooting

This applies not just to ceilings, but to the entire fit-out. We are regularly called-in to solve problems, which typically involve planning and delivery issues. Thanks to a large network of suppliers and the long-term relationships we hold, we are in a better position than others to fix time-related problems at short notice. We come to the jobsite and provide a quotation and plan of action within two weeks. On site, we take care of a quick and easy install. And of course, we do all the paperwork (QHSE, local requirements, etc.) so that this does not create any extra work for the general contractor.


Integrated Approach

Although we offer RAF, wall and ceilings separately, we always try to strive for an integrated approach – for the simple reason that the floor, wall, and ceiling are naturally related. If one party is ultimately responsible for design, planning, delivery and installation, it brings cost- and time-benefits. Moreover, this enables us to take better account of future expansion or refurbishment.