Raised access floors

  • Europe’s most experienced RAF installer.
  • In house engineering. 
  • We get the job done. We know about deadlines.

All necessary Raised Access Floor (RAF) system components included as standard

Maasdam supplies and installs RAF for a broad range of international datacenter clients — customers that are looking for nothing-less than the best-fitting floor. We manufacture and deliver the full range of RAF components. We take on full responsibility for safety reporting, documentation, and record keeping for everything we provide you with. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that all health, safety, environmental, and other reporting requirements have been addressed; our documentation system will be compatible with the system you specify.

Experienced contractor

Installing the floor is vital, but it’s not the only part of the story – that’s something we’ve known for over 35 years. Having the right materials purchased and delivered on time, and having an installation team that is deployed, instructed, and ready to work, are the other critical components. This can be a major challenge, especially with international projects because rules and regulations differ per country and can slow down progress. As an experienced contractor we take care of all the necessary coordination and compliance issues. And we work all over Europe.

We will meet the most demanding of schedule targets

At Maasdam we will take charge of supply activities from start-to-finish: the order, the delivery of the components in the required quantities, sourcing the purpose-built ventilation tiles for the raised floor, and everything else that comes with an RAF. Because all the moving parts remain under our control, we save valuable lead time and ensure the swift supply and installation of the RAF. We will meet the most demanding of schedule targets – leaving you free to concentrate on getting early returns on your infrastructure investment.