• Rapidly scale-up (or down)
  • Certified and trained fitters
  • Over-perform instead of overpromise

This is one of our core competences. Delivering on time requires knowing what is realistic and achievable, from the outset. It also means anticipating change, and ensuring that sufficient resources are available along every step of the way. At Maasdam we don’t want to overpromise; we prefer to over-perform. How do we do that? We take pride in our ability to accurately pace a project, and to rapidly scale-up (or down) a team, if needed.

Even when the labour market is tight, at Maasdam we don’t just work with anybody – we work with a pool of qualified and committed fitters. Everybody is trained and certified in accordance with local requirements and compliant with the procedures of the general contractor and their clients. This means we can always up-scale our installation teams – if it’s needed – even when we have a lot of projects underway at the same time.