Total fit-out

  • Coatings, furniture, stairs, doors, etc.
  • BIM engineering
  • Focus on circularity & sustainability

Project optimisation

Having a single partner in the final phase of a project, where time is of the essence, is useful. Because it shortens the running times, there is room to catch-up with the schedule and deliver on time. Once Maasdam is busy with floors, walls and ceilings, optimising the finishing work makes sense, and it will be in good hands! We have the contacts, possess a certain dexterity in finishing thanks to years of experience and our excellent understanding of local regulations. Our expertise includes all things important for the (quick) delivery of thresholds, door controls, coating, furniture, stairs, painting and so on – total fit-out in the broadest sense of the word.

Getting the job done

The mentality of getting the job done is essential, especially in the final phase of a project. We know our place, installation is key in general contracting work, and we take care of perhaps only 10 percent of the whole project. But it’s a crucial percentage that impacts the final result. Moreover, we are at the end of the construction chain and so there is always little time to spare. We know that and this is when we are at our best. Let us coordinate everything, we’ll take care of it for you!


Building Information Modelling (BIM) Engineering

Our BIM Engineers play a central role in all our construction projects, and this ensures efficiency and effectiveness. With their knowledge and experience they take care of both engineering and modelling work, and we avoid costly construction errors. In addition to all relevant standards and regulations, we attend to the aesthetics. We strive to deliver a stunning project – it’s the Maasdam way.