• Know how to cooperate with partners on site
  • In house knowledge of fire and acoustics
  • In house engineering team

Smart & flexible wall design

Walls in datacenters mean customised work; no two projects are the same. Many features always play a role: fire safety, smart design (e.g. aisle containment), coordination with cold and hot air flows (capacity AC/CRAC & CRAH), energy efficiency and acoustics to name a few. As well as a flexible wall design, the design should take future reconfiguration or expansion into account. In case of reconfiguration, materials must be easy to reuse, so as to meet sustainability objectives. Finally: the aesthetic. You want it to look good. Maasdam stands for smart and fast wall design of high quality and aesthetics – thanks to our A-class suppliers!

Integrated approach

We supply and install all types of walls for datacentres. Our walls are assembled according to the building specifications, energy efficiency-, and security-requirements. We see to it that every wall connects perfectly to the floor, along with any other walls, as well as the ceiling of your datacentre. Give us the leading role in finishing your walls as well as your ceiling and floor – as part of an integrated approach – and we guarantee to deliver them in time. You’ll only have to deal with one party that’s responsible for the complete finish. Good for the general contractor; great for the customer!

A Full & Fast Service

We take everything off your hands. This means we don’t just deliver and install the walls, we take care of literally everything involved. On time! That’s why our in depth knowledge of ‘the world of datacenters’ is indispensable. We take care of the finishing, and all the paperwork (QHSE) – we are familiar with local regulations and have a large network of consultants located around all the major EU campuses. This enables us to move with the GC. Time pressure is normal for us, we work at the end of the construction chain by default.