We get the job done!

  • A-class suppliers
  • In-house engineering & design
  • Brand independance

Quality is our number one priority. We also prioritise crystal clear communications from the outset of any project. We work with English speaking people, trained in working- and communicating-in the ‘world of datacenters’. We know the HSE protocols; and we are always proactive. We also invest heavily in our relationships with general- and specialist-contractors, as well as engineering consultants. We maintain a high level of innovative engineering throughout any project, and we guarantee that we’ll meet our customers’ expectations.


After capturing your detailed requirements, our specialists and our trusted network of partners establish exactly what your project needs, and how these needs can best be met. We use carefully selected, A-class suppliers with whom we have built longstanding partnerships. We know we can rely on the quality of their materials, as well as their quality- and speed-of service. It’s an investment with a multiplier impact as we pass on this trusted service to our clients. 

In-house Engineering & Design

We have all necessary engineering and design capabilities in our own hands, so meeting your expectations and deadlines is a straightforward exercise. Our expertise covers all aspects of even the most demanding fit-out projects. We translate your specification sheets, standards, design-criteria, and engineering-criteria into an offer that will definitely meet your requirements.

Brand independence

We have long-standing relationships with market-leading suppliers. This is one of the ways we are able to combine first-class materials with competitive commercial rates. At the same time, Maasdam is not tied to any specific brand or supplier; you will always get what’s best for the specific requirements of your project. Do you need an alternative to present to a client, or a better-fitting solution at a lower price? Let us know: we are always up for the challenge.

A single point of contact

Who likes to be sent from pillar to post? Nobody! With Maasdam you have one dedicated contact person. Your contact person will make sure all your questions and requests are handled with the care and personal attention they require.